Matej Ilčík is an illustrator at day, and graphic assets designer at night.
Since 2014, he makes digital tools with analog look under his brandname Guerillacraft. His work is full of textures and love for nostalgia.
In 2018, he started his illustrator's career with his first book "All about the Egg" published by Albatros Media. This book has been translated to 13 languages so far. He illustrated "All about the feather" (2020) and "All about the eye" (2021) too.
In February of 2022, there was published a book "Veronika from a block is going conquer the world" with his colourful illustrations. The book is about famous Slovak skier Veronika Velez-Zuzulová with his illustrations. 
In the end of March 2022, he attended 2 week long "The Symposium of Illustration" in Broumov, Czech republic. Each year, there are only six illustrators selected to be part of this artistic residency in historic monastery. 
His 5th book "The Past and Present of People and Sport" was published in May of 2022. So far the latest book he worked on is "From Shamans to Neurosurgeons" and is going to be released soon.
He regularly publishes his illustrations in Slovak children magazine Bublina. He also has published in Czech children magazine Raketa and Slovak children magazine Slniečko.
His clients include Martinus and Krajina čitateľov
He is also a member of ASIL - The Slovak Illustrators Association
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