Mozart, Vĺčikove vianoce - Mozart, Wolferl's Christmas
written by Peter Janoviček, illustrated by Matej Ilčík
On a certain December day in the year of the Lord 1762, the Mozart family arrived from Vienna to Pressburg - today's Bratislava. The musical family consisted of father Leopold, mother Anna Maria, daughter Nannerl and son Wolfgang, who is called "Wolferl" or Wolfi for short at home, which could be translated as a little Wolf. The Mozart family stayed at the Inn at the Wild Man. The mysterious city on the Danube attracts our Wolfi - the Wolf to discover its unknown corners. He is also looking forward to the concerts for which they came to Pressburg. Gifted children get to know Pressburg and its customs before Christmas. The harsh winter and adversity will not allow them to travel home as planned. However, Father Leopold does not want to give up. Will he and his family manage to celebrate the holidays in Vienna and thus save the Wolf's dream Christmas? You will find out the answer in a fairy tale based on real historical events written by Petr Janoviček and illustrated by Matej Ilčík.

Published by: OZ Bratislavské rožky, 2023
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